Using Ecstatic Dance we are on a journey of discovery through Movement, Music and active meditation.

The aim is to facilitate a safe, welcoming, sacred space that anyone can drop into regardless of age or experience to get the taste of a natural state of ecstasy.

  • Are you searching for a way to connect more deeply with your spiritual nature?
  • Do you just want to feel happy with yourself and your life?
  • Do you just love to dance and dance till everything else drops away?
Ecstatic Dance UK

Ecstatic Dance is a powerful method of transformation that uses, shaking, breath and dance to connect with each other and ourselves on an adventure into our true nature. For thousands of years we have been using dance in a sacred way to access alternate states of consciousness. Moving beyond the thinking mind and reconnecting with the inner self enables us to bring back healing and power for ourselves and our community.

Through repetitive beats, movement and the breath, we nourish every cell in our body. This is where true and lasting change can be realized and the greatest thing of all, is this happens without having to be analysed. Just keep breathing and moving and trance-formation happens!

As well as being an individual process it’s also a group experience, tapping into something ancient in our psyche.  It’s only in the later parts of the last millennium that we’ve moved so far away from our connection to the rhythms of the earth and the rhythms of our own bodies. Ecstatic Dance nurtures a deep re-membering of our ancestral roots and brings us to wholeness and harmony once again. Nurturing our own Tribalheart so it can flourish.

Working on many different levels Ecstatic Dance has a real Key to transformation. Surrendering to each moment we can develop ‘the witness’ within. This means not getting attached to anything that is happening to you, just letting thoughts, emotions and feelings rise and fall like the breath. With practise slowly, slowly ‘the witnessing’ side of your nature that grows during the dance will start to spill out into the rest of your life. Enabling detachment from any ‘inner critic’ behaviour or negative emotions, with this tool we can really become connected to our joy, bliss and ecstasy.

Ecstatic Dance classes are held with Tara McGuinness in Islington, North London.

There are five different stages to Ecstatic Dance. Throughout all the stages participants are encouraged to become a witness to the mind.

  • The body warm up

  • The Shake

  • The Ecstatic dance

  • Relaxation - ‘The let go’

  • Grounding

The Body warm up

Here we invite you to Step into the ‘sacred space’. Using breath and movement we work from the soles of our feet to the crown of our head reconnecting with each body part. Grounding us in our bodies and facilitating in the first phase of ‘letting go’ so that we can surrender more fully to the present moment and reconnect to the rhythms of our breath, body and the earth.

The Shake

Shaking wakes and energises every cell of our body. Releasing tensions and blocked energy we are able to move deeper inside ourselves. This stage raises the energy in preparation to step into the Ecstatic Dance itself. We encourage a circular breathing technique to further aid in letting go of any resistance that might inhibit us.

The Ecstatic Dance

With the eyes closed we use a simple breathing technique called the breath of fire. This aims to energise the body and move us beyond the thinking mind taking us into an altered state of consciousness. Waiting for the rhythm of the music to move us in our soul we are soon taken on a journey to surf our inner world of thoughts feelings and emotions. Encouraged to be present with whatever comes up for us, we use the dancing as a way of self-expression to release, heal and connect with ourselves more deeply. Dissolving stuck energy and blocks by moving the body whatever way comes naturally, there are no steps to learn just feeling your own souls dance.

Relaxation - ‘The let go’

Here we drop to the floor, fully supported by the ground beneath us our body now comes to rest, breath returning to a steady pace we fall into a state of deep relaxation and awareness. In Sanskrit this ultimate awareness and silence is called dhyana...

‘Dhyana means a state of being where there is no thought, no object, no dream, no desire, nothing just emptiness. In that emptiness you come to know your self. You discover the truth. You discover your subjectivity. It is perfect silence’ OSHO


This is an important part before leaving as we can journey quite deep into our inner realms during the session. We are guided on a visualisation to ground us so we can enter back into ‘this world’ and leave more integrated.