Tara McGuinness

Tara McGuinness is a lover of life, Priestess of Sophia and an OSHO Sannyasin. She is dedicated to her healing journey and spiritual path. Courage and self-growth have been motivated in her through shamanic practices, magickal crafts, breathwork, Tantra, Osho's teaching, and particularly active meditations.

The tools she works with, of meditation, massage, healing and trance dance aim to anchor one deep in the body, therefore making it easier to access guides, inner wisdom, joy and self love.

The Freemind Project

Relevant personal qualifications:

  • Qualified in Mental health nursing - 1998
  • Reiki healing with the Lucis college - 2002
  • Transformation of consciousness-1 year course (Amoda maa jeevan Radical awakening/Moving creations) - 2003
  • ITEC anatomy and physiology - 2005
  • Indian head massage with ITHMA - 2005
  • Ayurvedic yoga massage at the OSHO Afoz centre in Greece - 2006
  • Ecstatic trance dance facilitator (Amoda Maa Jeevan method) - 2007
  • level 1 psychosexual somatics (Heart Daka training) - 2012
  • Lomi- lomi Hawaiian massage (Conscious awakened touch) - 2012
  • Rebirthing and Conscious connected breathing- (The Greenery, England) 2017
  • Hypnotherapy and The FreeMind System-(FreeMind Project) 2018
  • The ReWind trauma release technique-(IARRT)2018

Tara discovered the wonder and healing of touch and movement techniques through her own personal journey and has endeavoured to now share with others what has been powerful transformational tools of growth and development for her. She has been holding ecstatic trance dance classes under Tribalheart in London from 2007.

For over 13 years Tara specialised working in the field of drug addiction in a wide range of settings from NHS to private and home care positions. At present she now focuses on her private practise "DIVINE BODY BLISS", where she has the opportunity to offer clients a combination of both counselling and bodywork treatments with good effect.

Tara has been giving energetic healing to various people over the past 15 years. She has always been drawn to this work and has leant that it is part of her paternal heritage.

Her personal journey of self exploration has had a multitude of influences ranging from traditional therapy, ritual and ceremony, Amoda maa jeevan's radical awakening method, experimenting with western shamanism and plant medicine, OSHO'S expansive and integrative teachings, and discovering self love and acceptance through tantric healing. Tara has also practised various meditation, therapeutic dance and movement techniques.

Having been guided along the way to the right teachers, spiritual guides and friends, she has been inspired to unravel, transform and transmute personal misconceptions and false beliefs that were learnt over the years.